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Insulating Qualities
Saves Money

  • Lower Roof Temperatures up to 90 degrees:
    Unique ceramic components provide 84% reflectivity and 94% emissivity. Solar radiation is reflected and emitted - NOT absorbed and retained by Roof and Wallsand conducted to the interior
  • Reduced Thermal Shock (stress):
    Lower roof and wall temperatures means less expansion and contraction (the cause of most roof and seam failures), "curling" of siding or T-111
  • Reduced Roof Maintenance:
    Expense associated with roof repairs
  • Reduced AC Operating Costs:
    (significantly lower power bills) and potential equipment downsize
  • Reduced AC Maintenance:
    Due to lower load on AC equipment

Weather Resistance
Protects Your Assets!

  • Tough:
    Protective weatherproof membrane for Roof and Walls
  • Waterproof, insulate:
    Easily handles exposure to UV solar radiation, snow, ice, driving rain, hail, etc.
  • Withstands:
    Temperatures ranging from -20F to 200F+
  • Longevity:
    Will not chalk, fade, become brittle, split or peel from UV exposure
  • Seamless:
    No chance for seam leaks as with conventional membranes

Protects The Environment!

  • Very Low:
  • Saves $$$ and Eliminates Dumping:
    No need for removing and disposing of existing asphalt roofing (prolong the life of your roof)

Tax Advantages

  • Tax Savings For Property Owner:
    Maintenance coating may be expensed in the current tax year - UNLIKE conventional re-roofing which must be depreciated over many years
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